Update (6/28/2021): I’m catching up on my review book backlog and am closed for review requests for the time being. Thank you for understanding! 🙂

For Authors

My reading plate is often full (so many books; so little time! There’s a reason that’s a famous saying…), but if you would like to add to the reading fare for my consumption, I am open for review requests.

If I accept your review request, I will read the book and post an honest review on my book blog, and on and, in return for a free copy of your book, which you provide. (Formats I will read: .mobi [Kindle] or physical copy.) If I read the book and cannot honestly post a review of 3 stars or above, I will ask you if you would still like me to review it or not.

Please note that I most enjoy reading fantasy and other speculative fiction, such as steampunk; that I prefer my books relatively clean, or at least YA-appropriate; and that I do not review dystopian, horror, general romance, or non-fiction.

I reserve the right to turn down review requests due to lack of time, interest, or any other reason.

Please email me at, or message me through my contact form, with information about your book. I will let you know if I am interested, and whether or not I have time to read and review it. 🙂

Thank you for your interest!

About My Reviews

I’m not a critic. I read for enjoyment, and I’m not going to tear a book to shreds. There is already enough negativity out there without me adding to it. 😉

When I review a book, I tend to focus on what I liked about it, even if there are things I disliked. I will mention my dislikes briefly, in the interests of providing an honest, balanced review, but my focus is on the positive and what I loved. It’s way more fun to gush about a book than to focus on the bad. 😉

All posted reviews are my honest opinion. (Though I usually don’t post reviews on my blog or Amazon under 3 stars. I do sometimes on Goodreads.)

My ratings are as follows

  • 5 stars: Loved it! / Awesome!
  • 4 stars: Great! / Above Average
  • 3 stars: Good ish / Average
  • 2 stars: Okay / Disappointing / Lacking
  • 1 star: Ick / Just . . . No / Angry

I don’t usually review 2-stars and under on my blog. Most books I read tend to be 4 or 5 stars, because if I decide to read a book, I already suspect I will like it. 🙂

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