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Here are a few short things I wrote which you can currently read online.

Short Stories

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The plotbunnies and writing projects are practically endless, but here are some current works in progress (WIPs).

Kedran's Wood Series

YA Contemporary Fantasy

(Mock covers by Deborah O'Carroll. Character art by Hazel West.)

The Other Half of Everything

YA Contemporary / Fantasy

A young housekeeper. An absentminded writer. Untold worlds.

Meridian Brownley avoids writers like the plague.

This is unfortunate, since she finds herself the housekeeper for an absentminded young writer named Teague, who has strange relatives and an infuriating habit of forgetting to eat unless Meridian cooks for him.

And an even worse habit of disappearing for days.

Until one time, he takes Meridian with him.

The Siren and the Skyship

YA Steampunk Fantasy

A retelling of The Little Mermaid (er . . . Merman), with skyships, clockwork dragons, assassins, tea, and true love. A Cloud Siren prince on a quest to find his father's killer meets a princess who happens to be a captain in the Royal Skynavy.

Book 1 in a fairytale retelling trilogy.

Short Stories Currently Writing